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Example videos of industry experts

As part of opening your new recruitment business with FutureRecruiters, you'll have access to over 50+ industry experts covering every aspect of running a successful recruitment company.

Here are some examples of our expert speakers:


Speaker: Paul Avins

Competency: Sales mindset & personal profiling

This clip was taken from Paul's session on 'Becoming a trusted authority', which explains in detail how to adjust your sales approach depending on your target customer's personal profile.


Speaker: Sir Eric Peacock

Competency: Leadership

This clip was taken from a 2-hour seminar, in which Sir Eric shared his experience on what makes great leadership and how to build a highly productive workforce.


Speaker: Katie Maycock

Competency: Health & wellbeing

Katie shared her experience of dealing with work-space stress and anxiety and the measures you and your employees can take now to stay healthy and productive throughout your career.


Speaker: Pin Patel

Competency: Internal training

This clip covers one of many examples Pin gave of how to up-skill and inspire new starters in your business, so they hit the ground running and bill more quickly.


Speaker: Miles Lloyd

Competency: Business differentiation 

Lloyd's session covered how your business needs to be structured in order survive and thrive  within a competitive markeplace.