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Future 'an expectation of advancement or progressive development' 

Recruiters 'People who work to fill job openings'



Trainee Recruiters or Re-trained Recruiters

- or -

Experienced Recruiters

We employ an army of recruiters using both talent attraction technology and good old fashioned methods like the telephone, whatever it takes, to find experienced and trainee recruiters.    

In addition we have also partnered with several training organisations who find and train applicants who have invested their own money to re-train themselves into a recruitment career. These candidates are highly desirable because they invested in themselves with their own money (and time) to get a foothold into the recruitment world.  We firmly believe that, in today's ultra competitive recruitment world, we have to be creative to find the future super-billers. 

First and foremost we are Recruiters ourselves so we approach our search and selection of Recruiters, Recruitment Managers and Recruitment Directors with the same awareness and scepticism that you would expect from a company whose founders have seen hundreds of Recruiters come and go, some who have gone on to run their own companies and some who have risen to the top of their respective organisations.  People like Craig Hegan who now runs the award winning New Zealand Recruiter Parker Bridge or John Terry, CEO of TMS Talent, one of the largest travel Recruiters in the world. If you are a successful Recruiter seeking new opportunities please contact us.


Recruitment training - why it doesnt work !

Most Recruitment Companies spend almost no time with new recruits.  The training consists often of a weeks induction if they are lucky from a Manager or Director.  Of course we all know some companies have superb training programmes as well but by and large the average recruiter does not have the resources to do it properly.  Recruitment in 2020 is not just 'selling' - it is how to use technology, know the power of digital marketing and how to use boolean strings to search for those hard to find candidates, how to properly design a paid facebook advert etc.   We offer all our placed candidates or candidates attending our e-careers courses one years free online training on our sister company's platform www.RecruitmentTraining.com.  In addition applicants successfully passing through our e-careers course are fully accredited.   

About Us

Mike Walmsley

Mike has been a thought leader in the recruitment industry for over 25 years. He is acknowledged as one of the world's leading recruitment experts and has given keynote speeches and addresses at 5 of the world’s largest recruitment association conferences: NAPS, RCSA, APSO, ACSESS and the REC. He also chairs The Pinnacle Club, a highly successful membership programme that develops the careers of recruitment CEOs and business owners. 

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Steve Hamblin

Steve has recruited 100's of Recruiters as a result of founding The Parker Bridge Group as well as investing in recruitment businesses globally.

He was involved in the expansion of Parker Bridge in New Zealand and Australia as well as in the acquisition of Sapienza Recruitment in Thailand (later renamed Parker Bridge Thailand). His other acquisitions include TMS Talent in 2012  (offices in Australia, NZ and UK) and New Frontiers (UK) in 2017. 

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Outsourcing partners

Our outsourcing partners based around the globe (primarily in India and Asia) source, interview and short-list recruiters (experienced and trainee level) to clients requirements. These outsource partners work with our clients seamlessly and they present candidates in any format, since clients often operate in a slightly different way. Our system may not be unique but we believe it is uniquely implemented.  To find out more please contact us.    

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About you.

For Employers -

Your under pressure to bring new staff onboard but you dont have the time to train, but you know you should. We can help. We can supply re-trained Recruiters or experienced Recruiters.  We can also provide ongoing training via our LMS (learning management system) at a very low cost. 

You know that there will be icebergs in your way that could be avoided with the right training and attitude and awareness of what Recruiting is really like and we've been on the same journey. 

For candidates -

For experienced Recruiters you want to be only offered opportunities that fit your criteria - you are successful and have no time to be messed around.

For those new to the industry you want to receive honest advice on what it takes to be successful and you want the tools (which vary from person to person) to prepare you for a career in Recruitment.